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    Jinhai Employees¡¯ Living Area is divided into Area One and Area Two. Area One has been completed and put into use. In Sept. 2009, with the efforts of the Company¡¯s officers and relevant departments, Area Two was officially put in to use. The company¡¯s employees have moved into the newly decorated living areas in succession, improving their living standard.
    Jinhai Employees¡¯ Living Area is composed of five parts including dormitories, a dinning hall, a club, a meeting centre and a stadium. Fifteen employee dormitories, one apartment building, one guest house and rooms for married couples can provide accommodation for 5000 employees. Besides general living amenities, every dormitory is equipped with water dispenser, Television, air conditioner, water heater, telephone, internet access and bathroom with necessary facilities. The employee dinning hall with central air conditioner can cater 1000 people at the same time. Payment is made by card; the employee club includes library, reading room, gymnasium, E-reading room, indoor table tennis and billiard room; the meeting centre is equipped with stage, light and audio systems, and its multi-function meeting hall can hold 300 people; the stadium comprising football, basketball, badminton and tennis courts and a playground with a 400-metre track can be used for large sports events.
    Such living facilities as bank, post office, supermarket, telecommunications business office, repair shop can all be found in the living area with a beautiful environment; the main roads, lined by new-style road lamps, is connected with driveways. Garden lights are equipped for walking trails; property management is intelligent and professional.
In employees¡¯ daily life, the Company¡¯s trade union holds regular activities every year, such as football, basketball, volleyball and tennis leagues and chess tournaments; from 2009, the Company held annual large sport games participated by all the employees of the plant to enrich their life
    The investment in the Jinhai Employees¡¯ Living Area and the holding of activities for staff demonstrate the human-oriented management concept and consideration of employees¡¯ benefit of the Company¡¯s executives, which also inspires employees¡¯ pride, honor and loving to the plant as their home.
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