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Group Introduction

     Sinar Mas Group is founded by the legendary Chinese Indonesian entrepreneur Mr. Eka Tjipta Widjaja in 1962. The group, currently boasting hundreds of corporations and 150,000 employees, was elected as the largest consortium in Indonesia by Forbes, the world famous financial magazine. It is mainly involved in 4 core industries: pulp and paper, finance, agriculture & food processing and real estate. Sinar Mas began its investment in China from 1992
    1. Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. (APP) plays the major role in pulp and paper industry. As the leading enterprise of Sinar Mas Group, APP owns dozens of pulp and paper companies and more than one million hectares of fast-growing forests in Indonesia, China and other regions. Its total assets exceeds 20 billion USD, ranking one of the top ten paper companies in the world and the largest pulp & paper group in Asia (except for Japan). APP has invested a total of RMB79 billion in China on more than 20 modern large-scaled pulp and paper enterprises and over 30 forest farms in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi. The company boasts an annual production and processing capacity of around 7.6 million tons and about 37,000 full-time employees. In 2009, the sales revenue in China exceeds RMB 34.5 billion.
    2. The group¡¯s investment in finance covers commercial bank, insurance, securities, investment, credit card, leasing and others Bank International Indonesia(BII) is the flagship of the Group in financial investment. BII established Bank International Ningbo (BIN) in Ningbo, China in 1993 and Shanghai Branch of BIN in Shanghai in Dec. 1998
    3. The Group¡¯s investment in agriculture and food processing is mainly conducted through Asia Food & Properties Co. Ltd. (AFP) AFP owns more than 50 plants and approximately 100 distribution companies. Its investment covers Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, the US and other regions. It has 60000 employees and a total asset of RMB35 billion (7 billion SGD).
    4. Besides, AFP¡¯s real estate division and its subsidiaries also makes investment in real estate. Sinar Mas Group's real properties are located in Indonesia, Singapore, the US and China. Its projects in China include the 50-storey Bund Center and Zhongshan Plaza in Shanghai, and the Sinar Mas Center in Ningbo
     The Group has accumulatively donated RMB50 million to the public welfare undertakings as of Apr. 2009, including;
    RMB2.4 million to the Genome Research Centre of Peking University in 1993;
    RMB2 million to Peking University on its 100-year anniversary in 1998;
    RMB10 million to establish the "Sinar Mas Forest Research Development Fund" in 1998;
    Materials worth RMB10 million to people in the flood-stricken area in the summer of 1998;
    Money and Property of RMB10 million to medical staff fighting with SARS in Beijing and more than RMB1 million to the Red Cross of Guangxi and Zhejiang in 2003;
    More than RMB4 million to the Shanghai Charity Foundation in 2003;
RMB10 million to the Yunnan Provincial Health Department for AIDS prevention and control and RMB5 million to the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education to fund local education in 2004
    Promise to donate RMB60 million to Peking University to build the Life Science Building in 2004
    RMB2.5 million to the Charitable Foundation of Zhenjiang City in Jiangsu Province in 2005;
    Promise to donate RMB50 million to Hainan Province within 5 years to set up the ¡°Hainan Sinar Mas Education Assistance and Environmental Protection Foundation" to support the education and protect the environment of Hainan Province so as to promote the harmonious development of the society;
    RMB1.6 million to the Project Hope of Guangxi in 2005;
    RMB12.17million to Fujian to fund the local education in 2005;
    RMB5 million to Yunnan to assist in the survey of local forest resources in Jun. 2005;
    RMB2 million to the Hainan Charity Federation for the relief work after typhoon Damrey¡¯s attack;
    In Jan. 2006, "Sinar Mas Grant for Impoverished Students of Hainan University" was founded to help those students complete their college study. It was planned to donate RMB5 million, with RMB1 million per year for five consecutive years.
    In Aug. 2007, "Sinar Mas Grant Project for Western Development" was implemented to aid forty impoverished students with a grant of RMB20£¬000. It was planned to donate RMB4 million, with RMB0.8 million per year for five consecutive years.
    In Aug. 2007, "Qiongzhou (Hainan) under Sunshine" free public move show for countryside was held. RMB3 million was donated each year for three straight years from 2008 to display movies of 8000 times for 18 cities and counties of Hainan Province and 2500 administrative villages in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone.
    In Dec. 2008, RMB15 million was donated to the Shanghai Expo for construction of China Pavilion
    In 2008, RMB100 million was donated to the Beijing Olympic Games to support venue construction.
    In Feb. 2008, RMB 5.6 million was donated to Guangxi due to the snowstorm striking a large area of Southern China. An additional donation of RMB15 million was made through the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the state.
    In May 2008, RMB20 million in cash and materials of about RMB1.6 million were donated to Sichuan after the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan. Donations of employees to the disaster-hit area exceeded RMB 2.8 million.
    In May 2004, Sinar Mas Group honorably ranked the second of foreign-invested companies on the "China Philanthropy List" of Forbes Chinese due to its outstanding contributions to the charitable undertaking of China. In Apr. 2005, the Group ranked the first on the ¡°Charity Enterprises in China¡¯s Mainland 2005" by Hurun. In Apr. 2006, the Group was elected the first among the international companies on Hurun¡¯s charity list. The Group was listed in the "Top 50 Enterprises of Corporate Social Responsibility of Hurun 2008¡± published in Apr. 2008. On Dec. 5, 2008, the " China Charity Conference and Appraisal and Recognition Ceremony of China Charity Awards 2008" was held at the Great Hall of the People. APP (China) was granted the ¡°China Charity Awards¡± for its contributions to the public welfare and philanthropy of China.

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