Brief Introduction to Environmental Protection

     Hainan Jinhal Pulp & Paper has given full consideration to environmental protection at the time of establishment and strictly requested all vendors to design and manufacture systematic and complete equipment and systems that are environment-friendly based on advanced environmental standards and latest technological achievements both home and abroad. The company has built up a complete set of clean production system in order to ensure the high utilization of resources and lower discharge of pollutants, thus fulfilling its commitment to recycling economy
    Guidelines for Environmental Protection
    Sustainable development through environmental protection;
    Effective utilization of resources, energy saving, lower consumption of energy, reduced emission of exhaust gases;
    Clean production, pollution prevention, law compliance;
    To enhance environmental awareness through training and propaganda;
    To promote environmental harmony through information sharing;
    To seek for perfection through continued improvement;
    Prevention & Treatment of Pollutants
    1. Treatment of Waste Water
    A process that combines physical, biological and chemical techniques is adopted for waste water treatment system, where waste water from wood preparation workshop, pulp making workshop, pulp breaking workshop, cycling cooling water system and thermal power plant is treated through the tri-stage system. All waste water is discharged into receiving waters only after being treated to meet relevant standards.
    2. Treatment of Exhaust Gases
The captive power plant uses the most state-of-the-art CFB boiler and adds limestone during the combustion process with a desulphurization rate of over 85-87%. The temperature is controlled within the range from 850 to 900, thus effectively reducing the production of oxynitrides. Dust removal for the fume is carried out with four-electric-field static dust collector to control the emission concentration below 50mg/Nm3
    3. Treatment of Solid Wastes
    The main solid wastes produced by the company are disposed through comprehensive utilization means including burning in captive boiler, drying of fume, outsourced by cement manufacturers as raw materials, etc. Those solid wastes listed in the state hazardous wastes catalogue are disposed at qualified facilities. The safe disposal rate of solid wastes for the company reaches 100%.

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